TAURON Group’s
priorities in 2016

In view of the demanding market situation and the associated challenges for the energy sector, in 2016 the TAURON Group will focus on:

  • consistent implementation of the strategy of cutting OPEX and maintaining budgetary discipline in all Business Areas,
  • implementation of profitable projects, in particular, in the Distribution Segment, with simultaneous care for long-term effectiveness of projects concerning the construction of new capacity in the Generation Segment,
  • using synergy between Business Areas and effective asset management,
  • increasing the efficiency and optimisation of functions supporting core business,
  • strengthening the competitive position in core operating areas.

At present, works concerning the TAURON Group’s new strategy are in progress to respond to challenges arising from the power sector’s changing macroeconomic, legal and market environment. The new strategy will define the TAURON Group’s development directions, its objectives and investment programme.