In 2008–2015 the TAURON Group allocated approximately PLN 21.7 billion for investment, including approximately PLN 4.1 billion in 2015 alone. Until 2020 new coal, gas and biomass-fired generation units are slated to be commissioned.

TAURON Group’s main investment projects:

Construction of a coal-fired power unit with a capacity of 910 MWe for supercritical parameters. The new unit will demonstrate high efficiency and availability as well as low levels of emissions of nitrogen oxides, SO2, CO2 and particulate matter.

In 2015, the intermediate foundation process was completed and foundation slabs for the unit’s main buildings were installed, assembly of the return cooling water pipeline was completed, plinths on the slab of cooling water pump station were topped up with concrete and the beams of the top of the cooling tower were assembled. The contractor for the external ash disposal system and external carburisation system was selected. Procedures concerning the implementation of successive scopes of works are pending, At the end of 2015, work progress was 14% with the planned deadline for commissioning the project being 2019.

Construction of a CCGT unit with a capacity of 449 MWe/240 MWt – the first large gas-fired unit in the Group. The project is being implemented in cooperation with PGNiG and the TAURON Group’s share is 50%. As a result of the General Contractor’s failure to respond to the letter concerning the call for implementation in keeping with the contract, infringement of the schedule and significant technical conditions of the contract, in January 2016 the contract with the general contractor – Abener Energia was rescinded. Analyses concerning the further procedure and selection of an implementation scenario are in progress. The process of site take-over from the General Contractor as well as work to protect and maintain equipment are ongoing. The technical audit / investment inventory has been launched. At the end of 2015, work progress was approximately 85-90%. Project delivery is scheduled for 2018.

Construction of a cogeneration unit with a capacity of 50 MWe/86 MWt. In 2015 major works related to the construction of the unit were completed. Tests of unit safeguards and boiler acceptance are in progress.

Technical acceptance of individual systems for start-up is in progress. The test run and adjustment test run have been prepared. Acceptance of construction and assembly works as well as acceptance of deliveries confirms the proper quality of the work done to date. The quality of the work was confirmed by the first synchronisation carried out in January 2016. At the end of 2015 work progress was 93% with investment completion slated for 2016.

Construction of a CCGT unit with 413 MWe capacity, including a heat generation component with 240 MWt heating capacity. In July 2015 the investment agreement with the business partner – PIR was signed and the special-purpose vehicle – Łagisza Grupa Tauron was established. Preparations of the final ToR for the selection of the CCGT Contractor are in progress. Arrangements with the Gas Transmission System Operator – GAZ – SYSTEM S.A. were made for the unit’s gas connection. At the end of 2015, work progress was 5%. Delivery of the investment is scheduled for 2019.

Construction of the flue gas de-nitrification installation in six units of Elektrownia Jaworzno III and four units of Elektrownia Łaziska. In 2015 at Elektrownia Łaziska, modernisation of all four units with a capacity of 200 MW was completed. At Elektrownia Jaworzno III, modernisation of the installation of six units with a capacity of 200 MW was completed, using SNCR (selective non-catalytic reduction) technology. Four units were commissioned, the remaining two units will be commissioned in accordance with the schedule, i.e. in 2016.

Construction of the „Grzegorz” shaft, including infrastructure and accompanying headings.
In 2015 detailed shaft documentation was accepted. The construction part of the GSZ 20/6 switchboard was completed, works associated with its equipment are in progress. Earthworks to lay 2x20kV cable lines were finalised, 6 km of lines were laid. Work to write the ToR to select the general contractor for shaft construction, including infrastructure, is ongoing. At the end of the year, work progress was 20% and project termination is scheduled for 2022.

Construction of the 800m level, including the commissioning of the fourth longwall. This investment will make it possible to ramp up coal production. The deepening of the shaft and drilling of access workings is in progress. Supplies of mining infrastructure equipment are under implementation. A significant task associated with the construction of belt stone haulage was completed. Work progress is 36% and the investment is to be completed in 2019.

Construction of the 18 MW Marszewo Wind Farm, constituting the 2nd stage of construction of the wind farm with a total capacity of 100 MW in Marszewo. The project was completed on plan. The farm was commissioned in October 2015. At the same time, the project to build the 100 MW Marszewo wind farm was finalised (stage I – 82 MW, stage II -18 MW).