Sponsoring is an important tool for promotion and sales support in the TAURON Group. The main objective of sponsoring activities in 2015 was to support commercial activity while growing and strengthening the awareness and range of the TAURON brand’s impact since this brand is an important asset in indirectly achieving the Group’s business objectives.

In culture, the TAURON brand appears in events like the TAURON New Music Festival and Life Festival. The TAURON Group supports distinguished institutions of culture: the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice and the Wrocław Opera. In sports TAURON supports projects like the TAURON Basketball League, Vive TAURON Kielce, Tour de Pologne, TAURON MKS Dąbrowa and the TAURON Women’s Basketball League.

Sponsoring activity also reduces promotion costs considerably when compared to standard advertising expenses.

The superb position the TAURON brand enjoys confirms the financial effectiveness of these efforts as reflected by an independent research report entitled Sponsoring Monitor 2015, the only source of this type of information on the Polish market. According to this report, TAURON is ranked seventh in the TOP 10 list of sponsors and it is the most active sponsor in the energy sector.

The TAURON Group’s sponsoring activities support electricity sales by attracting loyal customers and creating many opportunities to interact with the Group’s commercial offer.