The TAURON Group pays substantial attention to environmental protection and strives to mitigate its burden on the environment by reducing the quantum of pollutants, including gas emissions such as carbon dioxide.

All TAURON Group companies hold permits to use the environment, sectoral permits and water permits.

The Group constantly invests in modernising its generation installations to mitigate their adverse environmental impact.



TAURON Group companies pursue a responsible environmental protection policy and act with due diligence to ensure that their operations and investments comply with the requirements and employ technological developments in environmental protection.

The most important environmental protection activities in the TAURON Group in 2015 were as follows:

  • ongoing construction of the power unit with 910 MW capacity at Jaworzno III Power Plant whose commissioning will significantly contribute to reducing ambient air emissions of NOx, SO2, CO2 and particulate matter (TAURON Wytwarzanie),
  • construction of flue gas de-nitrification installation and modernisation of units: no. 9 at Elektrownia Łaziska, no. 1 and 5 at Elektrownia Jaworzno III and boiler no. 10 at Elektrownia Stalowa Wola, thereby contributing to NOx emission reduction to 200mg/Nm3 (TAURON Wytwarzanie),
  • follow-up investment measures to build safeguards against soil and water contamination with oil derivatives (TAURON Dystrybucja),
  • construction of a system for pre-treatment of acid sludge discharged from the mining waste treatment facility of Zakład Górniczy Janina (TAURON Wydobycie),
  • finalisation of degraded area reclamation – approximately 23 thousand trees were planted on 4.18 ha of land (TAURON Wydobycie),
  • activities to limit mining waste generation through aggregate production (TAURON Wydobycie),
  • modernisation of hydroelectric power plants to mitigate the threat of environmental contamination with oils (TAURON EKOENERGIA),
  • commencement of activities to reduce dust emission on the crane storage site (KW Czatkowice),
  • planting approximately 34 thousand trees (larch, lime and beech trees) on approximately 7 ha of land to forest a protective zone as a barrier against noise and pollutants (KW Czatkowice).