TAURON Polska Energia communicates with its stakeholders to cultivate good relations with its environment

The Group endeavours to ensure its communication with each consumer group meets the highest standards. Transparency is particularly important because TAURON Polska Energia has been a Warsaw Stock Exchange listed company since mid-2010.

The Press Office and the Investor Relations Office operate within the Market Communication and PR Department. The first unit is responsible for communicating events to the media (including cooperation with the media, organisation of meetings with company representatives, press conferences).



The Investor Relations Office is responsible for handling reporting duties associated with the company’s status as a public company and active cooperation with all capital market participants – analysts, fund managers and individual investors.

The internet is a very important communication channel. TAURON maintains an extensive content-rich website where it regularly posts all information of importance to its stakeholders.

Since 2009 the Group has pursued a functional strategy on public relations and communication.

Since 2009 the Group has pursued a functional strategy on public relations and communication. TAURON’s brand image is built on the following four values:

– Security
– Care for local communities
– Sustainable development
– Ecology


One of the key elements of its public relations and communication strategy is corporate social responsibility. The company publishes “Polska Energia” (Polish Energy) monthly in which readers are advised of events in the TAURON Group and the latest trends in the Polish and global power industry.

Stakeholders have shown their appreciation for how the TAURON Group communicates with them. In 2015 and 2016 TAURON Investor Relations were recognised as being the best among companies belonging to the WIG 30 index in the survey organised by Parkiet, a stock market daily newspaper read avidly by investors and the Chamber of Brokerage Houses.