In 2012 the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, i.e. the TAURON Group’s Sustainable Development Strategy for 2012-2015 containing forecasts running through 2020 was prepared (Sustainability Strategy). The strategic objectives were informed by corporate strategy and business segment strategies.

The Sustainability Strategy names two leading directions:

  • ensuring energy supply safety
  • customer orientation

and three secondary directions:

  • engaging workforce in organisational development
  • environmental protection throughout the value chain
  • managing economic and social impact

In 2015, TAURON continued to purse the goals laid down in its Sustainability Strategy. In connection with its expiry in 2015 as well as the fulfilment of over 95% of its original goals, in December 2015 TAURON adopted the TAURON Group’s new Sustainability Strategy for 2016-2018 with forecasts running through 2020.

The Strategy was developed based on current CSR trends and it takes into account the opinions expressed by the TAURON Group’s environment as well as future challenges to be faced by the energy sector.

The core of the Sustainability Strategy has remained unchanged. The Strategy was developed based on current CSR trends and it takes into account the opinions expressed by the TAURON Group’s environment as well as future challenges to be faced by the energy sector. It continues to be based on five strategic directions – two primary (ensuring energy supply security, customer orientation) and three secondary (ethical culture and engaging workforce, environmental protection and social and business partnership). Moreover, the strategic goals were replaced by 18 obligations which TAURON intends to fulfil by the end of 2018. For each of the obligations key initiatives were formulated to support their implementation.

The Sustainability Strategy is directly associated with all areas of the TAURON Group’s operations. It streamlines the approach to CSR and the methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of the measures undertaken based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators. In 2015, the third sustainability report was published, presenting the CSR measures undertaken by the TAURON Group in 2014 as well as data recapitulating the implementation of original goals established by the Sustainability Strategy up to 2015. The report was drawn up in accordance with the latest reporting standards – GRI G.4, which was confirmed by the acquired certificate – GRI Materiality Matters’ Check, and submitted for verification by an independent auditor. The Company was also audited in connection with joining the RESPECT Index – an index comprising listed companies operating in accordance with the rules of sustainable development. In 2015, TAURON achieved, for the third time, a positive result during the certification process and was subsequently included in this most prestigious ranking of socially responsible companies.

One of the directions of its Sustainability Strategy is to engage in social and business partnership (formerly, management of economic and social effects). The resulting goals are implemented, among others, by the TAURON Foundation to enable even more effective implementation of its CSR goals by caring for the security of local communities and public benefit.

In 2015, the TAURON Foundation and the company implemented through its employee volunteerism programme the eleventh annual campaign entitled Houses of Positive Energy targeting 24-hour custody and caretaking facilities with the overriding goal of improving the living conditions afforded to children residing in orphanages. This campaign covered all the facilities in the operating area of the TAURON Group. Since 2011, over 380 orphanages from five provinces have taken part.

In 2015, the Foundation also continued the project called Everyday Heroes whose objective is to build awareness among potential bone marrow donors and drive up their numbers. TAURON Foundation volunteers organised information campaigns and bone marrow donor days in TAURON Group companies during events sponsored by TAURON. As a result, more than 3,700 potential bone marrow donors were registered.

The TAURON Group operating in southern Poland holds a leading position in energy sales and generation. This means that the Group companies have ample opportunity to support their local communities. Many important projects are supported in the Upper and Lower Silesian, Opolskie, Małopolska and Podkarpacie Regions. Among others, TAURON cooperates with the Mountain Voluntary Emergency Service (GOPR) whose goal is to enhance safety in the mountains. The company is a strategic partner that actively participates in the summer and winter.

In 2015, TAURON continued the cooperation undertaken in 2014 with the SIEMACHA Association – one of the leading NGOs in Poland focusing on education, sports and therapy projects to provide regular assistance to children and teenagers. TAURON’s patronage covers sports the Association’s activities under which it holds the title of TAURON – SIEMACHA sports partner. In 2015, projects like Football Children’s Day with TAURON, Juliada 2015, TAURON Basket Game and I swim with TAURON enjoyed our support.

The TAURON Group companies’ efforts also merit attention. In 2015, the TAURON Fuses campaign continued. TAURON Sprzedaż ran it by focusing attention on raising awareness among energy market clients to protect them against unfair practices employed by dishonest sellers. TAURON Dystrybucja delivered education to children and teenagers by teaching them the rules for using electricity safely. In 2015, TAURON Dystrybucja also continued the campaign entitled TAURON Fuses – Switch on at work – an initiative mainly targeting employees of construction and renovation companies who interact with electricity and electrical equipment in their daily work.

TAURON is also a signatory of the declaration signed on 17 June 2009 during the national conference entitled Responsible Energy. It lays out the principles of sustainable development in the energy sector in Poland. In 2013 the Company joined a group of signatories in making the business declaration for sustainable development, consequently undertaking to pursue the strategic goals defined by the sustainable development vision for Polish business in 2050.