The TAURON Group is a fully vertically-integrated energy undertaking that taps into the synergies ensuing from its business magnitude and scope.

The Group operates in all the key energy market segments, i.e. coal mining, generation, distribution and trading in electricity and heat.

The Mining Area covers the mining, preparation and sales of hard coal. TAURON Wydobycie runs these activities through its three mines: Janina and Sobieski and, from the beginning of 2016 Nowe Brzeszcze Grupa TAURON.

The Janina Mine has a mining area of 62.3 km2. At present, it mines three seams: 118, 119/2 and 201/1, and in the future, seams 203/3, 203/4 and 207 will also be commissioned. The life of this mine with its reserves ranges from 80 to 100 years giving consideration to the deposit and its exploration.

The Sobieski Mine has a mining area of 59 km2. It mines seams 207, 209, 304/2 using a longwall system with a longwall goaf. The deposit’s height ranges from 1.9 to 4.8 m. Longwall length goes up to 300 m. Its life of mine at the current output is estimated to be approximately 50 years. Exploration is underway to define future mining prospects.

The acquisition of a part of KWK Brzeszcze by the TAURON Group, taking into consideration the forecasted electricity production, will make it possible to satisfy nearly 70% of the TAURON’s fuel demand. The TAURON Group has stabilized its revenue and margin profile by gaining access to coal resources and controlling its generation fleet.

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The Generation Area comprises generation of electricity in conventional sources, including co-generation, as well as generation of electricity from renewable energy sources, including combustion and co-firing of biomass, and in hydroelectric power plants and wind farms. This Area also comprises generation, distribution and sales of heat. The basic fuels used by the Generation Area comprise hard coal, biomass and gas. TAURON Wytwarzanie, TAURON Ciepło and TAURON EKOENERGIA are active in this area.

TAURON Wytwarzanie is the second biggest electricity generator in Poland, in terms of capacity installed and production volumes, and one of the biggest heat producers.

TAURON Wytwarzanie comprises five power plants: Jaworzno III, Łaziska, Łagisza, Siersza and Stalowa Wola with a total electrical capacity of 4.5 GW and a total heat capacity of 1.3 GW. Combined heat and power plants in Katowice, Tychy and Bielsko-Biała and a number of local heating plants operate under TAURON Ciepło. The total attainable heat capacity is 1.3 GW, and the installed electrical capacity is 0.3 GW. The length of its heating network is 1,050 km with more than 700 thousand customers using the network heat supplied by TAURON.

TAURON EKOENERGIA operates 35 hydroelectric power plants located in southern Poland and 4 wind farms located in the Pomerania and Opole regions. The total installed capacity of hydroelectric power plants is 140 MW. For wind farms the capacity is 200 MW.

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The Distribution Area, comprises the distribution of electricity using distribution grids located in southern Poland. TAURON Dystrybucja, TAURON Dystrybucja Serwis and TAURON Dystrybucja Pomiary are active in this area. TAURON Dystrybucja is the largest energy distributor in Poland. It distributes approximately 50 TWh of electricity over an area of 58 thousand km2, spanning almost one-fifth of Poland’s landmass. Through its distribution grid TAURON supplies electricity to more than 5.4 million clients.

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The Sales Area comprises sales of electricity to end clients, wholesale trading in electricity, as well as trading and management of CO2 emission allowances and property rights arising from energy certificates of origin, and trading in fuels. TAURON Polska Energia, TAURON Sprzedaż, TAURON Sprzedaż GZE and TAURON Czech Energy operate in this area. TAURON sells energy across Poland and – to a lesser extent – on the Czech and Slovak market.

The TAURON Group, with an electricity sales volume of 30 TWh to end consumers in 2015 is the second biggest electricity supplier in Poland.

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The Other Area comprises activities in customer service provided to the TAURON Group’s clients and support services provided to Group companies in accounting, human resources management and ICT as well as stone extraction, including limestone.